Second edition of the HealthTech World Cancer Day, on February 3rd.

Five simultaneous open events in all Europe: choose yours!

FranceIreland, Israel, Portugal and Spain.

Click on the map below to discover the event in your country.

The NOBEL project organizes the 2nd edition of HealthTech World Cancer Day (#HWCD) on February 3rd 2020, back to back to the World Cancer Day. It expands and replaces the successful Nano World Cancer Day for which six editions were held since 2013.

Why should you attend? 

  • To discover the revolution brought by emerging medical technologies in oncology
  • To meet the best experts, innovations and SMEs of your country, fighting against cancer with smarter solutions.

How do health technologies revolutionize oncology? Smarter technologies are currently developed allowing a much earlier, more precise and less invasive diagnosis & disease monitoring, combined with more efficient & less toxic therapies.

About NOBEL: NOBEL ( is a H2020 Coordination and Support Action for the convergence of emerging medical technologies in Europe (nanomedicine, biomaterials, photonics, robotics, and digital health). NOBEL actions focus on:

  • building a European HealthTech community
  • shaping a commune strategy that envisions the future of healthcare
  • accelerating best innovation of the field, through the HealthTech TAB

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Home map (low res europe and west asia fused)

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